AxedMS is the best V117.2 Private Server with stunning features!
Server Stats:

Players online: 35
Accounts created: 10215
Characters created: 14224
Banned: 20
Double CherryCredit donation rewards 1.10.2013 - 20.10.2013

Welcome to AxedMS!
Our features include, but are not limited to:
-High and fun rates [1500x EXP/500x MESO/50x DROP]
-Windows 8 compatible (proof)
-No Damage Cap (proof)
-Impressive jobs [Demon Slayer, Mercedes, Cannoneer, Resistance]
-MSI, Vote items, All in one shop
-Familiar, White Angelic, PQs
-Socket, Nebulite + MORE!
This server has an Autoregister system. Click here to see how it works.